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Đorđe Vidović - Generalist at 3lateral

Đorđe Vidović is a Generalist at 3lateral, utilizing his wide range of interests in computer graphics and art with the rest of the team in order to produce high quality work and bring inovative perspective in 3Lateral projects. He studied Computer Graphics and Animation at Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, Serbia. In early 2018., during his final year of studies, Đorđe joined 3lateral and since then he has been working on several exciting projects.


From Osiris Black to Andy Serkis - Creation Process

Osiris Black to Andy Serkis Morph video showcases innovative 3Lateral's technologies that enable transition between alien and human digital DNAs.

The demo illustrates how one set of performance capture data can drive the creation of two vastly different digital characters.

We'll take a look at process behind making the demo and point out key aspects of the project.

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