• M3conference

M3conference of Computer Graphics and Animation

M3Conference is scheduled for three days, on March 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2019, when the main event will be held with distinguished guests and speakers from the world of computer graphics, including 3D field, animation, film production, game production, virtual reality, and so on. Coming from top companies and studies, they will share their experiences on topics of importance to experts internationally, as well as to advise participants on computer animation, modeling, gaming industry and the film industry as well as other related areas.

The goals that we would like to achieve by holding this event is the promotion and advancement of information technology, as well as its mass development, conducting expert consultations, organizing lectures and workshops, organizing international gatherings in cooperation with well-known foreign institutions and companies, which will fully contribute to the strengthening and support of professional progress in the field of information technologies.

On this conference specialists from the area an worldwide will hold speeches and lectures on the subject of Computer Graphics and Animation, and will be an inspiration to all participants on the event to keep working hard to achieve their dreams in this field.

  • Location: Youth Cultural Center Skopje (MKC) - dancing hall

  • Duration: March 22nd-24th, 2019

  • Planned number of participants: 300 participants.

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