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Ran Manolov - Character artist/ VFX Supervisor at WWFX

Ran Manolov Creature/character art for movies... and not only I am a traditional artist in the digital world. Using my background and applying it in the vfx world. I love shapes, volumes and lines. It all comes together to a certain rythm that I'm searching for. I've worked in multiple big vfx houses like ILM, Framestore and MPC as a character/creature artist. Currently I am still doing this while overseeing the creative side of the work in a small studio in London.

Talk -

We'll be talking about my career path, project and experience traditional art background in the digital era and movies personal approach and choices when making a character( design, sillouethe, volumes, details) storytelling and creating a scene rather than just turntable production standarts - software, rules

Artstation - www.artstation.com/ranmanolov

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