• M3-CON Conference of Computer Graphics and Animation, where specialists from the area will hold speeches and lectures on the subject.

       - Location: National Philharmonic in Skopje

       - Duration: March 20nd-22th, 2020

       - Planned number of participants: 900 participants.

      M3Conference is scheduled for three days, on March 20nd, 21rd, and 22th, 2020, when the main event will be held with distinguished guests and speakers from the world of computer graphics, including 3D field, animation, film production, game production, virtual reality, and so on. Coming from top companies and studies, they will share their experiences on topics of importance to experts internationally, as well as to advise participants on computer animation, modeling, gaming industry, and the film industry as well as other related areas. Heap of meetings, screenings, demo presentations, and exhibits will be an excellent opportunity for both personal and professional growth. ​

  • Workshops - Game Design How to? 

       - Location: M3DS Academy of 3D and Game design and the closing event in the Youth Cultural Center Skopje

       - Duration: from March 08th to March 22nd - the intensive workshops in the M3DS Academy.

       - Planned number of participants: 200 participants​

      Game Design How to? will introduce the participants to the 3D world and animation through the form of an intense workshop.
The workshops will be held at M3DS Academy for 3D and Game Design, which is an academic partner with Unreal Engine and Autodesk Authorized Training Center. So if you want to become a Game Designer and to learn the basics of 3D and Game Design, then this is the perfect event that you should be part of.

  • 3D print workshops 


       - Location: in the premises of the M3DS- the training of the participants, in the MKC coloring of the 3D prints

       - Duration: weekends in February 2019 and March 22nd-24th, 2019

       - Planned number of participants: about 100 participants

      These 3D Workshops are intended for high school students, who will be intensively trained and taught for modeling their own personal character. This workshop has goal to increase the team work, curiosity and the work ethic of the students, and to encourage them to start developing their skills in the 3D field or another IT area. The event will took place in the premises of the M3DS Academy for 3D and Game Design, during the weekend in February, when all the participants will be divided in special teams.

  • Exhibition of 3D prints, Digital Virtual Exhibition, Video Games presentation

         You will have the opportunity to view more than 20 best-made professional models, environments and characters of the students. Apart from them, over 50 printed 3D models also are going to take part of this exhibition,and  among them you can see the largest 3D print in Macedonia in the height of just over 110cm, made by Petar Kotevski.

          In the hall of the Youth Cultural Center (MKC) Skopje,  visitors will have the opportunity to see and try the latest video games, among which will be prominent games from abroad from alot of foreign countries,but as well as games from the Macedonian market.

At the same time, they will be able to experience the greatest achievements in the field of virtual reality, AP installations, mobile applications, visual effects, an animation that creates a creative bridge between creators and the IT sector.

  • Promotion of Macedonian and foreign companies 

       - Location: the premises of the Youth Cultural Center Skopje (MKC)

       - Duration: March 23rd, 2019

       - Planned number of participants: over 200 business visitors.

       There will be promotional stands for Macedonian and foreign companies from the IT sector who will present their advantages, jobs they offer, scholarships, opportunity to practice and enrich your CV.
With this we strive to:

  • support competitiveness of the companies and stimulate their development

  • support the growth of entrepreneurs and start-up companies

  • Implement education programs that accelerate leadership development and inspire and improve entrepreneurship in Macedonia

  • make companies collaborative, increasing employment and their opportunities for greater development and success.

  • Organizer of the M3-CON conference, as well as the increase in the quality of the workshops, Ainovum will collaborate with the fastest growing Academy of 3D and Game Design - M3DS, which has professional staff certified with an internationally recognized certificate from Autodesk.