Steven Song.jpg is presenting Steven Song – Texture and grooming artist
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Hi! My name is Steven Song. I’m a texture and grooming artist, currently working at Digital Frontier FX. I was born in the USA but raised in Thailand. Once I decided I wanted to pursue art as a career I decided to attend Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Stepping in the film industry, I realized there were so many things that needed to be learned. How fast the industry is and getting your foot into the door, it’s the hardest thing for most people. So after spending more and more time making my reel stronger, I came to know of Gnomon School of Visual Effects.

I decided to first take their individual classes and wanting to make sure it was what I wanted. Yes, it was! I switch to their full-time program and that was the best decision I ever made! It taught me more the knowledge of the software but most importantly showed me how to handle the struggle of the industry. 

In this presentation, I will take us through my entire process of creating one of my latest artwork called Duck Creature. I will talk about references, modeling, texturing, grooming, and presentation.